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WOW~~ Midori Sour anyone?! [22 Apr 2009|01:44am]
So it's been like.... 5 years since I last was on LJ... wow.. Can't say that I'll be constant with entries but i dunno... we'll see.

JESSIE I LOVE YOU <3 & JOHO i know we haven't talked in forever... but i still think about you, hope you're doing well and take care of yourself!!  
LEMONed I Scream, Yeah

YAY~! [17 Jan 2005|02:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

yesturday was awesome! XD even though i didn't look like i was having fun i was happy. I got to go out with Nana *jojo* Cuong, Tang..thang?, Neon...(not sure how to spell their names) But yeah and some other random asian people that i have no idea who they are. But it was fun. We didn't do much just went to capones this billards place near the malls. I like this inside it was cool had pics of alot of 50's famous people in there. The atmosphere was good to very laid back, besides all the smoking X__X!
me and nana didn't do much just sat there on the phone with jessie and watch the "cool guys" play pool till about...12 when they kicked us out cause they were closed. XDD but that was ok. Then me and jojo had to go home 1) cause they were about to go to someplace and drink and stuff and well didn't want to be around that..plus more viet kids and me and jojo would have been like...wtf? lol 2) I had to get home soon cause i told mommy dearest that i'd be home around 12.
But before we got there we went cruisin around the island and well...XDD we went to this little neighborhood and guess what we saw. Vu a white chick some other guy and chick (i think) all in the back of like an SUV macking...if that... but it was soo funny cause we rolled up and saw the car and put the highbeams on and saw them in there. XD i knew they were embarrased.

OoOoo best part me and jojo made up a plan to get me out of the house. I lied and told my mommy that i was going to her house with her sister to go watch a "movie" XD. It was fun cause it we like...OoOo bad girl time!! But yeah lied and got to go out with them and hang out. =D good times good times.

well that was my night...it was fun for me i need more of it. Wish jessie was there but her mommy keep her locked away in a shack in efingham...XDDD j.k.jk i love you jessie =DD

o yeah yesturday was lina's b-day =D


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[28 Dec 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm excited tomorrow is my birthday!! ^o^ YAY i hope i get to dye my hair tomorrow!!! it be cool cause all i want is like blue bangs in the front with like one line of black in the middle on both sides and the tips of my hair blue!! that or another piercing but more aiming towards hair dying. =DDDD and i get to go to manhattan chinatown tomorrow so that means more shopping =D yay! but yeah Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE <33333333333333333333333333

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[11 Nov 2004|02:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]

HAPPY uh.......VERTERAN's DAY!!! =D
Last night went for a walk...if was nice and cool (>^o^)> Went to nana's kapula house and made food at like.... 1 in the morning it was great! Also jessie dokidoki_taimu came over and spending the night! ^o^

byebye for now! <333

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blah blah blah <3 [05 Nov 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Pooh! it's a Friday and i have nothing to do T__T My friends all live far away either that or grounded. I haven't updated in a while...not much to talk bout...^^;;

Hmmm O yeah this is random but...My dad ordered some new drinks from Japan. there this lemon soda thingy..kinda taste like sprite..o_O. But it's cool cause the bottle is different it's like uhhh a perfect woman figure and there this little marble thingy on the top where it serves as the cap.. cool~ adn you have to push the marble in to get it open. It's awesome but messy...still fun to play with =D

though can't seem to get the marble out and how to close it...o__o. yeah thats my excitement for the day. =D
Also the school's fashion club is going good. can't wait to make stuff ^o^ anyone with some ideas that would like to share! please do~!

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