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blah blah blah <3

Pooh! it's a Friday and i have nothing to do T__T My friends all live far away either that or grounded. I haven't updated in a while...not much to talk bout...^^;;

Hmmm O yeah this is random but...My dad ordered some new drinks from Japan. there this lemon soda thingy..kinda taste like sprite..o_O. But it's cool cause the bottle is different it's like uhhh a perfect woman figure and there this little marble thingy on the top where it serves as the cap.. cool~ adn you have to push the marble in to get it open. It's awesome but messy...still fun to play with =D

though can't seem to get the marble out and how to close it...o__o. yeah thats my excitement for the day. =D
Also the school's fashion club is going good. can't wait to make stuff ^o^ anyone with some ideas that would like to share! please do~!
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