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29 December
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Hey peeps! ^__^

I'm Duckychuchu a name that my friend thought up for me in 8th grade.
I'm 16 years old and i go to SAA aka Savannah Arts Academy. =D I'm a visual arts major there. I'm also asian! YAY!!! Chinese to be percise i know mandarin and thats it trying to learn a couple of other ones!

..:~*~:..Best Friends..:~*~:..
Jessie aka Miwa
Joelle aka JoJo, nana
Megan E.
Erynn...Erin i kinda don't know how to spell hers ^_^'' sorry
Mikey poo!
Katie aka Kitty

(Isn't much of a profile) >.> <.< <.> (XD)

~*~ Anime/Mangas~*~
Ayashi no Ceres, Peach Girls(kiley ^_^), Utena, Sorcerer Hunters, Weiß Kreuz, Sailor Moon n.nU, Ah My Goddess, Gundam Wing, DBZ (sort of), 3x3 Eyes, Rayearth, Trigun, Dragon Knights, Orphen, Clover, GTO, Mars, Paradise Kiss, Fushugi Yugi, Count Cain, Angel Sancutary, Fake, Wild Rock ^__~, etc.
~*~ Games/Rpg~*~
Legend Of Dragoon, Final Fantasy VII (not really played it), Final Fantasy VIII (not really played it either), Tekken, GTA3 (weeeee), Dance Dance Revolution, Rhapsody, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 10, Sims yeah baby~~, etc..